2A:34-20.  Effect of judgment
    A child heretofore or hereafter born of parents who prior or subsequent to the birth of such child have entered into a civil or religious marriage, or shall have consummated a common-law marriage where such marriage is recognized as valid, in the manner authorized by the law of the place where such marriage takes place, is the legitimate child of both natural parents notwithstanding that such marriage is void or voidable or has been or shall hereafter be annulled or judicially declared void.

    Nothing in this amendatory act shall be deemed to affect the construction of  any will or instrument heretofore executed or any property right or interest or  right of action vested or accrued or to limit the operation of any judicial  determination containing an express provision or provisions with respect to the  legitimacy, maintenance or custody of any child, or to affect any adoption  proceeding heretofore commenced, or limit the effect of any judgment or order  entered in such adoption proceedings.

       L.1951 (1st SS), c.344; amended by L.1971, c. 212, s. 7.