2A:17-56.21 Information provided to credit reporting agencies.

   18. a. The State IV-D agency shall have the authority to make available the name of any delinquent obligor and the amount of overdue support owed by the obligor to credit reporting agencies, subject to the conditions set forth in this section and privacy safeguards established by the commissioner. This information shall be provided only to an entity that has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the State IV-D agency that the entity is a credit reporting agency.

   b.   In all Title IV-D cases where the obligor is in arrears, the information shall be made available to credit reporting agencies.

   c.   The State IV-D agency may establish a fee for all requests which will be uniformly applied in all Title IV-D cases. Any fee charged shall be limited to the actual cost of providing the information.

   d.   Information with respect to a delinquent obligor shall be reported to credit reporting agencies only after the obligor has been afforded all procedural due process required under State law including notice and a reasonable opportunity to contest the accuracy of the information.

   e.   The State IV-D agency shall comply with all applicable procedural due process requirements before releasing information and may request information on an obligor from a credit reporting agency only after noticing the obligor of the State IV-D agency's intent to request the information.

   L.1985,c.278,s.18; amended 1998, c.1, s.24.