2A:17-56.22 Fees for application, collection of child support.
   19. a. The State IV-D agency shall have the authority to charge an application fee to individuals not receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families who apply for IV-D services.
   (1)   The application fee shall be uniformly applied on a Statewide basis and shall be a flat dollar amount not to exceed $25 or other amount as may be appropriate for any fiscal year to reflect administrative costs.
   (2)   The fee shall be collected directly from the individual who applied for IV-D services.
   (3)   The State IV-D agency shall determine by regulation the distribution of the fees collected.
   b.   In addition to the application fee, the State IV-D agency shall charge a $25 annual fee for the collection of child support for IV-D services in those cases in which the State has collected at least $500 on behalf of an individual receiving support for a child who has never received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
   The State IV-D agency shall have the authority to pay the fee using federal incentive dollars as available, and when not available, the State IV-D agency shall exercise its option under the federal "Deficit Reduction Act of 2005," Pub.L.109-171 and its implementing regulations to collect the fee from the non-custodial parent.
   L.1985, c.278, s.19; amended 2008, c.101, s.1.