2A:30B-1.    Findings, declarations 
    1.  The Legislature finds and declares that:

      a.  Child pornography is a lucrative business which sexually exploits children and preys on their vulnerability. 

    b.  While criminal laws exist to penalize those who sexually exploit children, these laws are sometimes insufficient to protect and indemnify the victim and prevent the perpetrators from accumulating large profits from the making and distribution of "kiddie porn." 

    c.  This act is designed to give the victims of child pornography a civil action against those persons who sexually exploit them for profit directly or indirectly which can be brought through a parent or guardian or child advocacy organization or by the victim upon reaching the age of majority.  Any director, officer, servant, employee or other person authorized to act on behalf of a corporation may be personally liable if found liable individually or jointly with the corporation under the provisions of this act.

    d.  The act will allow victims to recover three times the financial gains made by those who exploit them and will authorize injunctive relief to halt the making and distribution of films and other materials.