7:5-11.  Bonds of Port of New York Authority deemed negotiable instruments when
    Upon the concurrence of the State of New York herein, in the manner indicated in section two hereof, the States of New Jersey and New York agree that any bond, note or instrument heretofore or hereafter issued by the Port of  New York Authority containing a provision that upon the happening of a specified event or events it shall be exchanged for or converted into a General  and Refunding Bond, Consolidated Bond or Note or other negotiable bond, note or  instrument of the Port of New York Authority shall, notwithstanding such  provision, be and be deemed to be also a negotiable instrument under the law of  each State;  provided, that it conforms in all other respects to the  requirements for negotiable instruments under the law of such State.

    L.1947, c. 45, p. 158, s. 1.  Amended by L.1953, c. 169, p. 1431, s. 1.